We developed Stall Savers stall and paddock liners roughly seven years ago in an effort to improve on lighter weight, less durable "off-the-shelf" products marketed at the time. The use of polypropylene geotextiles for horse stall flooring is not new, but what is new is the FACT that until the introduction of Stall Savers, no other polypropylene horse stall or paddock liners were being custom manufactured for that application. Even today, Stall Savers are the only polypropylene product custom manufactured as a horse stall and paddock liner. All other "skin type" polypropylene liners are nothing more than factory-stocked erosion control fabrics put in a box and marketed for an application for which they were not intended.

While another site may tell you its company was the "original" or that they "spent years developing" the perfect polypropylene horse stall liner, nothing could be further from the truth. Stall Savers polypropylene geotextile is the ONLY such material (produced as a result of collaboration with the factory) specifically designed and intended for use as a horse stall and paddock liner and having the unique attributes that maximize its effectiveness in this application. We at Stall Savers are the true innovators.

Stall Savers are manufactured by one of the largest developers of polypropylene geotextile products in the United States, who designs and delivers performance fabrics for various applications worldwide. We constantly communicate with the head of the line production to make sure we receive that custom fabric with the quality we demand. Polypropylene geotextiles are sold by weight per square yard. The heavier the product, the more it costs. Stall Savers are the heaviest polypropylene horse stall liners on the market, giving you more bang for your buck. Stall Savers permeability (amount of water that flows thru in a given time) also comes in at an amazing 28 gallons per minute per square foot. Using a polypropylene one-piece liner in your horse stall or outside muddy areas is an excellent economical alternative to rubber stall mats or other horse stall floorings. Bottom line: Stall Savers is the heaviest and most durable product of its kind. Order a free sample and compare. We are confident you will agree Stall Savers is superior to all other polypropylene stall flooring products.

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