How Durable are they?
Stall Savers are very durable, and can easily last 10+ years.

Do you have quantity discounts?
Yes we do. Call us with what you need, and we will be happy to work with you.

If I order how long will it take to get them?
If it is one of our stock items it will most likely go out the same day or next day. Custom or quantity orders may take a little longer.

How thick are they?
Stall Savers are around a 1/4” thick.

What kind of bedding should I use?
You can use just about any bedding you want, although some of the pelleted beddings are too dusty and will clog the liner.

Are they difficult to install?
The Stall Saver is light weight and therefore needs to be attached so it won't shift in the stall. There are different ways to attatch the liner depending on your stall structure. If you are handy it is a snap. If it sounds intimidating don't worry it is very easy and you really can't make a mistake. Watch the video and look at the Install Page. Call us with any questions.

What about custom sizes?
We have the capabilities of manufacturing any size liner you may need. Want to make a football field we can do it. Call us with your specs.

Can I put it over concrete?
Unless you have some sort of gravel and lifted drain it really isn't practical over concrete. The urine would have no place to go so the liner would stay soggy.

Is there a warrantee?
Yes, we have a one year warrantee.

How does it hold up outdoors?
Stall Savers work very well outdoors keeping areas mud free. Being made out of polypropylene which is in the plastic family, the liner will not rot and will stand up to the sun snow and rain.

How do I know what size to order?
Measure your stall and add 1 foot all the way around. Stall is 12 x 12, order 13 x 13.

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