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Stall Savers are the "ULTIMATE HORSE STALL LINERS" that will save you time and money and are an excellent alternative to the conventional rubber stall mats, stable mats, and other horse stall floorings that typically sell for much, much, more. Stall Savers are not only a superior horse stall mat; they are also the perfect solution for keeping any of your livestock clean and dry in those unhealthy muddy outdoor areas like paddocks, run-in sheds, wash racks, and other large areas where rubber stall mats would not only be impracticable but unsuitable.

Stall Saver stall and paddock liners are made from a geotextile polypropylene fabric that is "custom made to our specs" and is heavier and more durable than any of the other "skin type" products on the market. Stall Savers are available in two ( 2 ) finishes the original conventional smooth finish and our exclusive textured finish, which is extremely durable and has become by far our best seller to replace rubber horse stall mats. You will not find them anywhere. Order a free sample of our exclusive products, and you will agree that they are absolutely the toughest, most durable products of their kind. We also have the capabilities to produce a one-piece liner any size you may need, which is unheard of with rubber stall mats. Want to cover a football field? Let's do it! Unlike those heavy, cumbersome rubber stall mats, Stall Savers are one-piece, lightweight, very easy to clean, easy to transport, and will not shift in your stall like rubber stall mats. The one-piece Stall Saver is also very easy to install compared to the numerous pieces needed to cover an area with rubber stall mats. BUT WHAT REALLY sets Stall Savers apart from rubber stall mats is the fact they are water permeable. Unlike conventional rubber stall mats that force urine to puddle on the surface, Stall Savers permits the urine or water to flow easily through the liner into the subsoil, ultimately saving you a considerable amount on your bedding cost. "See diagram below."

When urine puddles on the surface as with rubber stall mats or other stable mats, it becomes absorbed by your expensive bedding - bedding that must be removed when the stall is cleaned. With Stall Savers, unlike rubber stall mats, the urine will not puddle on the surface, so it does not get absorbed by your expensive bedding. Consequently, much less bedding needs to be removed when the stall is cleaned compared to rubber mats and other horse stall mats. It's a simple equation - less bedding to be removed vs. rubber stall mats = savings $$$. You will also see the savings in the time it takes to clean the stall compared to cleaning a stall with those heavy to move, uneven, rubber stall mats. Stall Savers are the ultimate horse stall liners that will pay for themselves in a very short time. It's like an investment that pays dividends.

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